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Every man should own a great suit. Zero exceptions. Im sure every gentleman in a suit will agree that when you step up in one you feel extra confident, you feel put together and great looking.While a great suit can make one feel sharp and sophisticated, a bad one can ruin the whole idea.Starting with the basics ask yourself what suits you? Buying a suit doesnt start in the store it starts in your head. When you know what you want you ll be able to make the right choices in getting the best one.Suit up style and formal wear it is with fashionista Taro! we have jam packed ideas for you.

1.Considering the gentleman you seem to be, how best would you define a gentleman style? 

Taro: Well firstly thank you for the compliment . As for me , style is expressing yourself through what you wear, its a unique form of clothing or way of arranging your appearance. Thereby a gentleman style comes in as a way of expressing the character of a man of good and courteous conduct through a certain form of clothing.

2.Speaking of style where do you get your suit up fashion inspiration come from?
Taro:Zviko Motsi who is one of Zimbabwe’s top models as well as Mr Passy from South Africa .

3.If a man should buy one suit what color would you suggest, why?
Taro:I encourage one to buy a dark coloured suit . Darker clothing is viewed to be more slimming and can even make you appear taller if worn right. Also, making you appear sleeker and easier on the eyes. Bright colors can sometimes be harsher and distracting therefore going with darker colors can be seen as more professional so you can focus more on the person instead of their clothing.

4. What key pieces do you think every man should have in their wardrobe?

Taro: Suit – It’s part of being prepared. You’ll be prepared for an event in which your appearance will likely speak for you, other people will think more highly of you. Wearing a suit well will leave a deep impact on first impressions and it will boost your confidence. Not only will a good suit give other people confidence in you but it will help you have more confidence in yourself . 

White shirt – White dress shirts are particularly versatile: a white dress shirt matches any other color. But most importantly: A white shirt, with its white collar, contrasts with a man’s face, making it look tan and therefore healthy.

Diverse Fashionista Tip:serious talk-There’s nothing worse than a white shirt that’s, well, not white!!! and though this sounds obvious, it’s very easy for the best asset in your wardrobe to turn stale.

To prevent this, there’s only one word you need to know; bleach. This miracle worker will ensure that you’re looking fresh and that you’re maintaining a true white and not that unpleasant grey. Perhaps even more important than bleach though is knowing when to call it quits. White shirts naturally colour and age particularly in your high wear zones like the collar and around the arm pits. If you notice that these spots are starting to yellow, do everyone a favour and replace it with a new shirt. I promise you’ll feel better for it. 
White shirts are a must have for every gentleman. You can wear them with basically anything be it shorts, suits, and even jeans.
Taro: formal shoe is also a key wardrobe essential for every gentleman, shoes are such a key ingredient in every gentleman’s style. They indicate status and represent attention to detail

Watch – you appear smarter, more competent, and more trustworthy . It is also the easiest and best accessory for a man to wear .

Diverse Fashionista Tip: A watch is the only accessory that a man can truly wear every day. You can build a collection, swap them out for different outfits, change straps to suit the occasion, and find one that’s perfectly suited for you and your lifestyle. Every gentleman needs to own one. The type of watch and man wears defines their status symbol and thats whats sets you apart from other men. So make good choices with the watches you buy as it is a signature piece that you wear so often that people end up identifying you with. 

5.You’ve been invited to birthday dinner night out, what you wearing? 

Taro: A tuxedo sends the message that you’re wearing something specifically for this memorable occasion and you would look out of place anywhere else. It commemorates the event in a way that a suit can’t. You can certainly look incredibly dapper in a suit, but you can wear a suit anywhere, any day, regardless of whether you typically do or not. A tuxedo is a special ensemble that you only wear for special occasions. That’s the point of it, and the reason we prefer tuxedos over suits for dinners . 

Diverse Fashionista Tip: Tuxedos are known to be evening par excellence outfits.The tuxedo is designed to elevate your appearance above the day-to-day suit. If you’re wearing a tuxedo, you’re probably celebrating something special. Only you can decide whether a tuxedo is the garment you need. 

Here is some general knowledge. The biggest difference between suits and tuxedos is the use of silk satin in the design of the tuxedo, most  prominently on the lapels. Suits are almost always made with a consistent fabric on both the jacket and pants, no special lapels, no satin leg stripes and most tuxedos have silk-covered jacket  buttons while suits have normal buttons.

So, when buying one i advice choose the colour of your tuxedo between the classic black or the more modern blue. Black is however the safest game; blue is a more modern choice for the more daring gentlemen, although you should evaluate the colours according to the context of the event. Moving on….

Taro: I would also wear patent leather shoes – which are acceptable for a tuxedo however, they shall be in lace up and not loafer form.

8. What advice would you  give men just becoming interested in fashion and beginning to define their style?

Taro: One thing I can say is believe in yourself , be confident of who you are . No matter how hard it might be , keep pushing because you never know what changes your life . Don’t try to follow or work according to someone’s plan , draft your own plan , maintain your uniqueness things will change.

Keep up with Fashionista Taro’s style on instagram: Taropafadzwa Mudzingwa

Im sure by the end of this blog article the gentlemen will agree that suits are essentials. Other people will think more highly of you just by wearing one.It will boost your confidence. Not only will a good suit give other people confidence in you but it will help you have more confidence in yourself. Go out there and impress gentleman and most importantly make the right choice is choosing your suits with that said its a wrap !

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