Diverse Fashionista blog is yet again here with a bag! Striving to give you nothing but the best.As you know I associate with the finest clothing brands to keep you in style. Bringing you Brand CapAwes.They stand out as not so usual. CapAwes is the brand with a difference, with so much creativity it is safe to name them high fashion design.

The clothing line run by the young Albert Muzuwa from Zimbabwe affirms that CapAwes is a true definition of when sophistication meets style. So star struck about the name i couldn’t help but ask what inspired the name ‘CapAwes‘ as a trademark for the clothing brand. Albert says, “CapAwes is named after my nick name ‘Captain Awsome‘, so i just took half and half and created a name, decided to be creative and unique,” (laughs). Now, the creativity and uniqueness not only lives in the name of the brand alone, they encompass this even in their brand designs as well. 

Every brand has a story to tell. Capawes dates back to 2018 when brand owner Albert was in high school where he used to print his own designs. He caught the attention of multiple students who admired his creativity. Having realized his talents he continued to push  towards his vision and to date he works alongside with his brother Admore Mkwanda creating more stunning designs for the brand. When founder Albert looks back with hindsight, he still reflects and admits that indeed “Capawes started all out by grace,” saying this so proud of how much the brand continues to grow till date.

The brand is mainly targetted for the youth and has become popularly known by most Zimbabwean university students creating that “if you not rocking CapAwes what are you waiting for?”. Best believe, anyone seen rocking this label sets themselves apart by being extra stylish and unique. Capawes ticks so many boxes for the fashionistas. Whatever you looking for they have you covered.Designs made range from cargo wear, bikers, tube dresses, baseball jackets, tshirts dresses the list is endless, best you visit their social media pages after this blog article!

With summer coming up customers should set themselves to look forward to their new CapaAwes summer wear collection. Now this includes croptops, biker tube dresses, body suits, vests, bumshorts, base ball tees and much more. I guess you do realize that their list is always endless, goodluck on making a choice or how about you grab it all!

So far the brand safely justifies their cargo tracksuits as their best selling design. One that literally had masses talking, at the same time boosting sales for the brand. Now, thats music to the ears for any business owner.

Brand Owner Albert is confident to say CapAwes is simply the BEST. He couldn’t help but mention how proud he is that the popularity of the brand has grown so much to an extent that the clothing line has  featured in multiple music videos, dramas, while also getting some celebrities to dress in the brand. Now i guess this gives you every reason to get off your seat and rush off to see what more amazing designs indeed they have on offer that can get you into style too!

     Capawes brand Owner Albert Muzuwa
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Call and Whatsapp on:

+263 784357023

+263 775951131

Rock CapAwes today! Better when its on you.

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