Brand: PVO Threads

It’s safe to say PVO Threads is a trendsetter.It is the sort of clothing brand you do not define with one word lest you confine it with limited views. PVO has a knack of ticking multiple boxes, from matching style and class with luxury and comfort. They are unique no matter how one chooses to put it. This is far from exaggeration to heap praise the clothing brand, it’s all evident. You’ll fall in love. A chit chat with one of the brand owners Tendai had me interested to ask…..

Diverse Fashionista: What inspired the name PVO as a trademark for your clothing brand?
Tendai: A couple of years ago I saw a picture of a yatcht on Instagram with the phrase “POSITIVE VIBES ONLY” embedded on it. It instantly resonated with me as I am also a firm believer in always staying positive no matter your circumstances so I shared it on my social media pages and it became like my mantra. PVO started from that picture of the yatcht that i shared on my social media  one of my friends saw it and just encouraged me to think of getting entrepreneurial with it and said to me

 “you know you can start making caps with the phrase Positive Vibes Only on them?” 

That idea hit me like a light bulb and I immediately reached out to my cousin who’s a graphic designer to assist me with a logo design etc and I reached out to some manufacturers to have some samples made then as they say, the rest is history. We are here now.

PVO Threads is a family-owned business with a number of international partners.Now this means  you can find the brand all around the world. They’ll follow you everywhere you go.In the UK you’ll find them, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Dubai you name it! Now that’s a brand open for business and not confined by boundaries.

Anyone who believes in POSITIVITY and is all about POSITIVE VIBES ONLY is a target customer for PVO Threads. The apparel believes that the message should resonate first then the apparel compliments that and is the vessel that carries the message. 

Brand owner Tendai says, “We will always lead with the message POSITIVE VIBES ONLY and that’s what separates us from every other clothing brand that is in existence right now.”

Getting into the nitty gritties of the the designs, PVO Threads is an urban contemporary street wear brand and currently designs range from caps (snapbacks and strapbacks), socks, slides, t-shirts, and flip flops. 

For PVO Threads, creativity does not sleep so  customers can definitely look forward to more designs and more apparel coming. Currently they are looking at expanding the range to include tracksuits, hoodies, hoodie dresses, biker shorts for females and so much more. You’ll definitely have a range to choose from!

Questioned on what has been their best selling design so far as a brand Tendai says,” Our best selller right now has been the distressed strapback, this has been a staple favourite with our customers and its best features are its quality, comfort and versatility to suit many different ages.” The brand is however confident that all their other designs are still best sellers as they have all sold out! 

Want to keep up with these fine touch apparel visit their site to purchase products. 

Check out their social media pages: @pvothreads, @pvothreads_aus for all Australian purchases, @pvothreads_usa for all purchases in the US 

In Zimbabwe purchase number is:

+263 778 084 115 – (call or whatsapp).

Feel free to get in touch with founder Tendai on Instagram @claybirds_

For clothing that’s exclusive as you are,  that’s PVO Threads  for you!

Try it,wear it, love it!

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