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When you’re getting dressed in the morning, you should always wear something that makes you look good, feel good, and most importantly, makes you irresistible to the ladies, (wink wink). A guy might look totally blah most of the time, but how about you just decide to be that kind of guy who walks into a room looking like a supermodel and you even wonder to yourself, What happened? What changed? IS THAT ME! Mens fashion and style is the easiest as compared to the ladies. One need not to even go all out just to look good. The fashionista of the week Jimmy defines his style simple and sexy! We got some tips for you on how to pull that off. Enjoy!

1. Jimmy wakes up in the morning, how do you get ready to dress up for a day out in the city?

Jimmy: I fancy my fitness and body looks, I take a jog and then do push ups a max of 100 before going to the shower. That sets my mood and gets me ready to conquer the day (smiles). I’m the type of guy who chooses his “outfit” the day before, so it’s already in mind or out of the wardrobe and ready to kill . I’m a 20-30+ minute shower guy, wierd I know (laughs) but I even got nicknames such as slow coach, mageza  (one that baths) and Mlava because of that (laughs). I take my time dressing up, one has got to feel the clothes. Have a connection with them and I’m set to go.

2. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
Jimmy: PALSE_SA is my faviorite brand.Im a fan of their Summer and Spring collections, the shorts/shirts have a sassy and comfortably looking feel that ild go for any day. Im also a fan of Ara Kani their diverse designs draw me personally to my African roots. They always use details that leave you at the edge of a seat. I’m an all rounder type of dresser ,I guess that means I fit or look good in casual or formal or anything (laughs).

3.Its summer, how can a gentleman look good with this heat?
Jimmy: Nicely cut and well fitting clothes are the trick. Don’t over or under dress. Trendy summer shirts and shorts are the way to go. You can never go wrong with an all black or all white t-shirt too, not forgetting a clean pair of flip flops. 

I personally think the trick is being as comfortable as possible throughout the heat, and just as a cherry on top A CLEAN HAIRCUT IS A MUST!

 Diverse Fashionista: For the summer have a pair of shorts.Probably the one garment most associated with summer are shorts.When the sun starts scorching, everybody’s quick to grab a pair of shorts.So what you should remember about shorts, and this should be obvious, is that they are casual by nature. N.b There is no formal occasion in which shorts are acceptable.

2. Shirts, of course. You can (and should) also throw some shirts in your summer style mix.Shirts are a stylish step up from plain T-shirts. They’re just classier. I don’t think you always have to wear a shirt, but definitely when you want to make a good impression on someone a shirt is good.
3.Pants-It might seem counter intuitive, but often times pants can keep you cooler than shorts. Pants have the added benefit of keeping your skin shielded from the direct sunlight. With the right kinds of fabrics, you will sweat less and actually be more comfortable wearing pants than shorts.Most of your pants should be in neutral colors, as they’ll go better with your colorful summer tees and shirts.

4.Whats your opinion for guys and wearing skinny jeans. Do you think they are for everyone?

To be honest NO! they’re not for every guy and I think where most guys miss it is what they wear with those skinny jeans , especially the shoes or sneakers.
I will do say though that I personally wasn’t a skinny jeans guy , until I started working out my legs in the gym.Dont underestimate good legs in skinny jeans. Fashion sense is potent to how you’ll rock the jeans.My advice would be though just get a well fitting jean instead.
 Diverse Fashionista: #serious talk Skinny jeans will not look good with very slim and tall men, as they will draw attention to their thin legs. In the same way, they do not fit men with big upper body (too muscular or round), as they will create an exaggerated imbalance in appearance. Now to how they should fit you. PLEASE! If you cannot easily pull your skinny jeans past your calves or thighs, they are too small and you need to go up one size. Your jeans should fit snugly against your skin, but you should still be able to pinch about an inch of slack at the top of you thigh.

5. What kind of an outfit would you advise for a man for a first date with a beautiful Miss?

Jimmy: No brainer (smiles) as a gentleman ild say a suit, nothing like a well tailored man in a well tailored suit. I think a well tailored simple suit.For the more casual guys you could go for chinos or a jean with a shirt and formal jacket and probably sneakers or formal shoes depending on the pants. This look could go with location setting, for example if you’re meeting her at a chilled bar.Otherwise for myself i stan for a full Well Tailored Suit.

7.Whats the best way to set yourself out from the crowd when attending a huge event?

Jimmy: As a guy :

  1.  The cleanliness of your hair and face cut.
  2. The fit of your clothes on your body.
  3. The way that you simply match the apparel you choose from head to toe. Let your belt match your shoes always.
  4. A very great scent, people take this one for granted. Just try imagine a handsome looking Jimmy in a stunning sexy suit, only for you to get closer to him and he’s got body odour from a distance (laughs).

Diverse Fashionista: I hope everyman who reads this writes this down.Smelling good is one of the most important things of one’s personality. If you want to leave a lasting impression that is. People remember you if you look good, but if you also smell great in addition to that, then you have an instant fan-following. Find your perfect scent.Finding the perfect one is hard work, but it’s a job you should put some effort into because it’ll make a world of difference. Take some time to seek out scents that click with your personality. That right whiff will bring serious pleasure to your everyday life.
8.Tuck in the shirt or leave it out?
Jimmy: With formal pants and formal shoes , definitely tuck it in. Make sure its neat. Some guys make the mistake of letting their shirts fly out at their sides or back. An absolute No No! With jeans and sneakers you re free to leave it out.
9. Define your fashion statement.
Jimmy: Simple but very sexy and alluring.

This wraps up it up from Jimmy the fashionista. So remember to step up, look good and most importantly smell good too nothing more attracting than a fine man with a lasting impression.

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