Your vibe attracts your tribe. Are you part of MiTribe? If not what are you waiting for.Be part of the Mitribe streetwear fashion trend today.A brand that describes it’sself as Afro-Centric with a goal to bridge back at the millennials and appreciating African roots in a modern way. Touching on core values that easily identify with being African. The brand wants you to feel pure African when wearing it.

MiTribe Clothing Line is currently run by Brandon Nyathi (current CFO) and Nathanael Mhlanga (current CEO). A brand can only view its self as having potential to stand out only when it has a best seller. The streets went crazy after MiTribe released its African Woman print design which resonates to many woman who are just not proud to be African but who are also in love with their natural hair.

Anyone wearing a Mitribe piece is said should feel as proud as a guerilla strong and bold in its territory.MiTribe it set to bring out the bold in you.

Every designer has a story to tell for MiTribe it all started with playing dress from the age of 7. From hobby to business. They have set themselves to build  a street empire.Its always so interesting to know what inspires the names of these brands.You can definitely see that MiTribe is 2 words Mi (pronounced my) – calls one to own it, take full responsibility and have the pride to call it your own without any shame, and ‘Tribe’ says it all. 

MiTribe grows because of you. The people who believe what they believe.Most importantly they excel because they do what they love.The overrall ambition for the brand is to be a valuable asset.The love and appreciation for the brand has been overwhelming with an unexpected bloom. Look forward to a wide range of totem designs.

Be part of the tribe! Follow them on: MiTribe

Contact:+263 78 455 9296

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10 thoughts on “Brand:MiTribe

  1. Power to you Uratile. No wonder why your name is abbreviated U.N
    You’re surely Uniting the Nation’s!

    Thank you for the article ☺️

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