Brand: Cliq Afrika

​December festive season coming up! A time when most of us want to boost the wardrobe and look good. Diverse Fashionista blog is here with a go to brand for that. We all know that clothes are your beauty ticket and brighten you to the extent you deserve. Welcome to a fashion destination with Cliq Afrika. A brand that sells not just oufits but a trend. Yes! Their clothes are setting trends. This is not just to hype praise them. It is indeed all evident. Fashionable clothes for trendsetters. They are jam packed to get you on with style. Now this is a unique kind of brand because they have a knack of ticking boxes for a variety of products. Cliq Afrika is a one stop shop as they have clothes ranging from body hugging dresses, tops, cargo shorts, pants, to skirts you name it. It’s the kind of shop you enter and leave carrying one or two.

Currently run by Stanley Reza Junior, Cliq Afrika targets the youth both male and female with a fun trendy style. They manufacture most of their clothes and design it all from scratch. This is what makes them by far super creative. You are guaranteed to wear what is far from the usual. Cliq Afrika sets themselves apart as their clothing items are manufactured in superior quality. So far, their best-selling clothing item is the bandage dresses.  

Taking you through some of their few products check it out!

Adorable matching outfits. 

Two can play that game. There’s fun in looking good together. These are a stylish way for couples to say you complete me. A great way to show your affection for one another as couples. Take a look and discover some amazing cute designs with Cliq Afrika. 

Crop top and skirt outfits

An outfit for various occasions be it night out, summer, brunch you name it. A crop tee with a skirt is a must have in your wardrobe and Cliq Afrika has got you covered. You can always play around with different combinations and you definitely have a variety to choose from with Cliq Afrika.

T-shirt dresses 

The simplest of creation. These are the ultimate throw on this summer. Cliq Afrika has designs in both tight and loose, one can choose what they are comfortable with the most. Keep it cool and casual with a t-shirt dress. Its super easy to dress up with one of these with either a pair of cool sneakers or heels depending on the occasion.

Tube dresses

The dress is perfect for those who want to put their gorgeous curves in the spotlight. Tight, form fitting and strapless. This dress is great for all body types as the figure hugging material amplifies your best feature! A boob tube dress is perfect for a hot summer. Look good while feeling relaxed with Cliq Afrika summer dresses.

Now, I guess all this style gives you every reason to get off your seat and rush off to see more of fashion friendly clothes for fashion enthusiasts.

Check them out  on their media pages 

Instagram: CliqAfrika 

Twitter: @CliqAfrika

Want to visit them physically find them at Daventry house corner south avenue and Angwa street office 314 3rd floor in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Cliq Afrika aims to create a globally recognised powerhouse. Trendy and unique styles never run out with CliqAfrika.Boost your style sense, impress them by your outfit. 

Remember I am Diverse Fashionista your favourite fashion blogger.


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