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Africa is home to a wide variety of fashions made popular in various areas. Today, most people buy clothing with embedded African print because of the unique style the way African print boasts for its rich culture that it represents. In recent trending times people are keen to embrace individuality, and brighter is definitely better, therefore rich contrasting African prints should prove a success. 

All the way from Southern Africa, the land of artful people today we pay attention to Representing Ndebele (RN). They are one of a kind and far from the usual. Their uniqueness has been an opportunity for business. Above all, the brand believes there’s nothing more that makes  Zimbabweans more proud than to get the world to know of it’s culture.

Brand owner Shingirai B. K. Ncube states that his designs are mainly an RN logo with Ndebele patterns and colours creating a variety of designs using the logo. Currently the brand has designs in t-shirts, hoodies and caps. The brand caters for everyone, young or old, male or female you can rock RN because the aim is to spread the Ndebele culture and show its existence to the world.


So far the best sellers have been the RN T-shirts and hoodies. Brand owner Shingirai affirms that customers have been star struck with the pattern and love the different feel. It does not matter where you are, brand RN is ready to serve as they offer delivery services worldwide.


Brand owner of RN Shingirai says, “I really want to see my brand go big.To be one of the top African brands world wide  keeping its originality.RN stands out because as much as it may sound like it’s targeting a certain group of people,it’s actually the other way round. Its unique name and design makes it one of a kind.”

   Founder Brand RN Shingirai B K Ncube

If you like the designs and what it stands for then go for it! What are you waiting for? Feel the authenticity of Ndebele African Print, a very unique wear, whether you want to go casual, or just to add color to your outfit. African print will never go out of style.

The vision isnt over yet. RN is working on diversifying the brand making show stopping designs! I hope you are ready. Are you a fan of RN? Reach out!

WhatsApp: +971524228087

Facebook: Representing Ndebele

Instagram: Representing_Ndebele

Sharp identity, new passion, choose RN

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