Ric Chasers: The Denim Don

          Richmond Mlambo aka Ric Chasers

 In the retail industry creativity and appeal matter, irrespective of which facet one specializes in. I  would be appalled if you told me that you do not love off the cuff apparel. Everyone does simply because it gives you unmatched confidence. Keeping you in style is Chasers wear. Styling you up in denim the unorthodox way. You’ ve got to love the Denim Don! He also takes it to pilot, aviator, strap cargo, cargo suits! and it always a distinguished masterpiece. Diverse Fashionista couldn’t help but get into grips chatting to the Denim Don the man behind the brand Chasers Wear. Enjoy!

1. You are popularly known as the ‘Denim Don’ and your denim jacket has become a must have in everyone’s closet. Why denim?

Ric Chasers: (Ecstatic)  I personally love art and denim is a fabric that could allow me to express my art through painting and ripping..with time I figured out that denim is a fabric that actually never goes out of style, hence why they say “Denims are forever!!!” (laughs).

2. Creative expression can take many forms, what made you decide to start your own fashion brand ?

Ric Chasers: I believe it’s something that has just been in me from a young age,I always used to paint my t-shirts and shorts since primary and with time my friends and schoolmates started asking me to paint their t-shirts and jeans too which then gave the birth of my brand. I was always inspired to start my own thing and make it big! 

 Male zipped denim

3.There is undeniable creativity attributed to your label, not okay in your apparel but also in your advertising campaigns. If you could describe your creative aesthetic in 5 words what would it be?

Ric Chasers: Oh! how interesting. Well i’ld say 






4. Your brand is inspiringly fun, using denim brings classic appeal to your apparel and you mix it up with some accessories. How do you strike an appropriate balance between classic and contemporary?

Ric Chasers:
I believe in diversity and I always wanted to bridge the gap between the two, so I started working on designs that could be worn both as casual and streetwear.  That’s how I came up with the idea and designs of cargo suits which is a product that is diverse as it can be worn at any occasion and any environment be it office wear or streetwear.

 5. Your brand caters for both men and women, what do you think of the unisex trend?

Ric Chasers:
I am a strong believer of diversity and innovation, so I support it and most of my products are actually unisex.I also believe it helps in uniting people !

Corporate Wear

6.Your designs are eye catching and memorable, what is your creative design process and what inspires you personally?

Ric Chasers:
I’m always inspired by the fear of being average so I’m constantly creating pieces that makes my clients unique and outstanding whenever they rock my products but Mostly Kanye West and Virgil Abloh are my greatest inspiration.

Well for my creative design process, that’s actually always my hardest  and most demanding stage. I usually take about 1- 3 months to come up with a design and perfect it.So firstly I draw it on my office white board, make  a demo product then hang it in my bedroom wall right opposite my bed,so it becomes something I see last before I sleep and also first thing I look at when I wake up. (laughs). I’m such a perfectionist!  so the process is always long and at times demands sleepless nights.

 Winter Cargo Suits

 Aviator Suit

 Pastel Summer Collection

 Black pilot overrall

7.How would you describe the fashion industry in Zimbabwe?

Ric Chasers:
It’s slowly progressing as people are now getting to appreciate and wear local brands, though I feel like they is still a lot that needs to be put in place for example they are less than 5 design schools in the country, no national awards for fashion which I believe these are important things that can help empowering other upcoming designers.

Kids Denim Jacket

 Tracksuit Reflective sleeved denim

Denim jackets are always those classic stapels that will always hold a timeless appeal. A fantastic option to have at your disposal for its versatility. It’s a piece that appears in wardrobes almost by default because it suits just about everyone. 

Chasers Wear is far from the usual and there can only be ONE! Wear apparel that sets trends.High style, exceptional taste.
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