Welcome to a fashion destination with the exquisite SVG Exclusive Wear. Best you describe it as “CLASSIC WEAR & EXPENSIVE TASTE”~A.Phiri (one of the youngest African self made millionaire & business man affirms) Maybe my inclination with fashion makes it easy to heap praise the brand. SVG is set to ‘WOW’ you in style asContinue reading “Brand: SVG-SAVAGE”

Brand: Black Effect Apparel

Harare, Zimbabwe- Just like any superhero a brand has a story to tell. Aiming to build a street fashion empire is brand Black Effect Apparel, a Zimbabwean streetwear clothing brand which aims to tell the story of the African urban youth through fashion. A true style indulgence, how about you style it the Black EffectContinue reading “Brand: Black Effect Apparel”


  Harare, Zimbabwe-Ropafadzo Machakwa has been busy growing her ROPEARL Beauty Bar, a business that represents the realization of a lifetime of dreams.She opened up to advertise her brand with Diverse Fashionista. Her business has proven to grow greatly, and now fully running and established she believes its the place where she found the wingsContinue reading “Brand: ROPEARL”


                         Thuba Amanda What does your wardrobe say about you? Is it a perfect reflection of your creativity. When we talk of creative fashionistas it simply means, if someone were to see a piece of clothing item or outfit somewhere, they would immediately recognizeContinue reading “STYLE QUEEN CREATIVITY”

Amplfy Your Style

I salute assertive taste.It simply means one is confident with their superb touch of style.  Assertive fashionistas know what they want. Its a rare breed, hence commendable. Strikes confidence and turns out as courageous too. When you are that fired up, your style is resilient enough to turn heads. Therefore gents, how about you “amplfyContinue reading “Amplfy Your Style”

Brand: Bleksquare 

#fashion #style #zimbabwe Ever heard of the brand Bleksquare?…believe me when i say Zim is doing the most with the brands.Straight out of the City of Kings Bulawayo Zimbabwe, Bleksquare brings about its own unique touch . A brand  inspired by a lasso clean cut and simple look. At times simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Continue reading “Brand: Bleksquare “

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