Brand: MLHK

     Miss Chindiya dressed in Brand MLHK WOW! who knew? that one can be a fashionista with KNITS!!! Long gone are the days when knits were just another word for dusted granny style. Today knits range from posh, polished, minimal to over the top styles.Diverse Fashionista blog got in touch with brand MLHK (MamaContinue reading “Brand: MLHK”

Brand: RN

Africa is home to a wide variety of fashions made popular in various areas. Today, most people buy clothing with embedded African print because of the unique style the way African print boasts for its rich culture that it represents. In recent trending times people are keen to embrace individuality, and brighter is definitely better,Continue reading “Brand: RN”

Brand: Cliq Afrika

​December festive season coming up! A time when most of us want to boost the wardrobe and look good. Diverse Fashionista blog is here with a go to brand for that. We all know that clothes are your beauty ticket and brighten you to the extent you deserve. Welcome to a fashion destination with CliqContinue reading “Brand: Cliq Afrika”


Your vibe attracts your tribe. Are you part of MiTribe? If not what are you waiting for.Be part of the Mitribe streetwear fashion trend today.A brand that describes it’sself as Afro-Centric with a goal to bridge back at the millennials and appreciating African roots in a modern way. Touching on core values that easily identifyContinue reading “Brand:MiTribe”

Brand: PVO Threads

It’s safe to say PVO Threads is a trendsetter.It is the sort of clothing brand you do not define with one word lest you confine it with limited views. PVO has a knack of ticking multiple boxes, from matching style and class with luxury and comfort. They are unique no matter how one chooses toContinue reading “Brand: PVO Threads”


Diverse Fashionista blog is yet again here with a bag! Striving to give you nothing but the best.As you know I associate with the finest clothing brands to keep you in style. Bringing you Brand CapAwes.They stand out as not so usual. CapAwes is the brand with a difference, with so much creativity it isContinue reading “Brand:CapAwes”


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