Ric Chasers: The Denim Don

          Richmond Mlambo aka Ric Chasers  In the retail industry creativity and appeal matter, irrespective of which facet one specializes in. I  would be appalled if you told me that you do not love off the cuff apparel. Everyone does simply because it gives you unmatched confidence. Keeping you in styleContinue reading “Ric Chasers: The Denim Don”

A Brand Pokello Exclusive: The Best or Nothing !

Oh no i didn’t, oh YES I did! Bolt from the blue! Only the best is good enough. As you know Diverse Fashionista blog associates with the finest fashion brands and fashionistas in Zimbabwe. Hats off to whoever coined the word, “SWAGGER!” they definitely had the likes of  people like Pokello Nare the Queen ofContinue reading “A Brand Pokello Exclusive: The Best or Nothing !”


Your vibe attracts your tribe. Are you part of MiTribe? If not what are you waiting for.Be part of the Mitribe streetwear fashion trend today.A brand that describes it’sself as Afro-Centric with a goal to bridge back at the millennials and appreciating African roots in a modern way. Touching on core values that easily identifyContinue reading “Brand:MiTribe”

Jimmy brings the swagger

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, you should always wear something that makes you look good, feel good, and most importantly, makes you irresistible to the ladies, (wink wink). A guy might look totally blah most of the time, but how about you just decide to be that kind of guy who walks intoContinue reading “Jimmy brings the swagger”

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