Brand: MLHK

     Miss Chindiya dressed in Brand MLHK

WOW! who knew? that one can be a fashionista with KNITS!!! Long gone are the days when knits were just another word for dusted granny style. Today knits range from posh, polished, minimal to over the top styles.Diverse Fashionista blog got in touch with brand MLHK (Mama Lexy handmade clothing) brand that specializes with knits and crotcheting.Best define their clothing as fashion friendly clothes for fashion enthusiasts!


Brand owner Mama Lexy  has always been inspired by crocheting and knitting as a hobby. One of her greatest memories for her love for knitting she recalls by saying,

I fell pregnant with my son Alex, i made him the cutest powder blue booties, this was the birth of Mama Lexy inspired by the birth of my boy Alex and those cute booties I made for him.


Mama Lexy recalls the support of her friends and family and the biggest push being her son Alex. Through her journey. She goes on to say,” Besides being shy I knew and trusted my brand and the work of my hands. Most of all with help of my sister Ruth Ngadze she is very particular about neatness and cutting of loose threads which makes me produce quality wear.”

We all know knitting and crotcheting is such a skillful technique that requires alot of practice, creativity and perfecting. Over the years Mama Lexy has  mastered the art of making her own handmade items.She says,”My brand is unique, individualised and customer focused. I have made it my absolute ambition crocheting according to individual needs, formal and informal wear, exactly what the customer wants for any occasion any weather from summer to autumn. Mama Lexy outfits are created from 100% wool and yarn. They are made with love! (Exclaims)”

Some people may wonder where one wears this kind of clothing.Well guess what? Mama Lexy’s brand does not discriminate occasions,  what the customer wants the customer gets.From birthday parties, dinner parties, swim wear for vacation or baecation, to sports wear, you name it!

The target audience for MLHK is actually everyone and any age.The brand embraces and celebrates all figures and sizes, aiming at uplifting and recognising inner and outer beauty in everyone.  She says,”I want women to fall in love with their bodies and recognise their beauty, rise, shine be confident and bring the sexy back! (Laughs). Buxom fuller figured ladies wear my brand, I am a plus size myself will be modelling in my wear soon.”

                  Brand owner Mama Lexy

 Currently in store MLHK brand is stocked with dresses, skirts, shorts, skirts, bikinis and  jackets cover ups. MLHK is not limited to one design a client can come their own design and MLHK can make it. Their best seller so far has been the Tywan outfit and Coco Chanel top and bottom.

Do not miss this chance to be and part of such unique trendy range of outfits. Deliveries are worldwide and anywhere around Zimbabwe.

 MLHK is full of surprises. There are many designs coming up.MLHK is unique because they are customer focused and always happy to unleash their creativity and visions.

You’ve got to adore KNITS, MHLK gives you what you love. Be what you want to be and wear what you like. For those that have not tried it yet, keep calm and try something new! get in touch with them on:

Instagram: mama_lexy

Facebook: mamalexyhandmadeknits

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