Brand: MLHK

     Miss Chindiya dressed in Brand MLHK

WOW! who knew? that one can be a fashionista with KNITS!!! Long gone are the days when knits were just another word for dusted granny style. Today knits range from posh, polished, minimal to over the top styles.Diverse Fashionista blog got in touch with brand MLHK (Mama Lexy handmade clothing) brand that specializes with knits and crotcheting.Best define their clothing as fashion friendly clothes for fashion enthusiasts!


Brand owner Mama Lexy  has always been inspired by crocheting and knitting as a hobby. One of her greatest memories for her love for knitting she recalls by saying,

I fell pregnant with my son Alex, i made him the cutest powder blue booties, this was the birth of Mama Lexy inspired by the birth of my boy Alex and those cute booties I made for him.


Mama Lexy recalls the support of her friends and family and the biggest push being her son Alex. Through her journey. She goes on to say,” Besides being shy I knew and trusted my brand and the work of my hands. Most of all with help of my sister Ruth Ngadze she is very particular about neatness and cutting of loose threads which makes me produce quality wear.”

We all know knitting and crotcheting is such a skillful technique that requires alot of practice, creativity and perfecting. Over the years Mama Lexy has  mastered the art of making her own handmade items.She says,”My brand is unique, individualised and customer focused. I have made it my absolute ambition crocheting according to individual needs, formal and informal wear, exactly what the customer wants for any occasion any weather from summer to autumn. Mama Lexy outfits are created from 100% wool and yarn. They are made with love! (Exclaims)”

Some people may wonder where one wears this kind of clothing.Well guess what? Mama Lexy’s brand does not discriminate occasions,  what the customer wants the customer gets.From birthday parties, dinner parties, swim wear for vacation or baecation, to sports wear, you name it!

The target audience for MLHK is actually everyone and any age.The brand embraces and celebrates all figures and sizes, aiming at uplifting and recognising inner and outer beauty in everyone.  She says,”I want women to fall in love with their bodies and recognise their beauty, rise, shine be confident and bring the sexy back! (Laughs). Buxom fuller figured ladies wear my brand, I am a plus size myself will be modelling in my wear soon.”

                  Brand owner Mama Lexy

 Currently in store MLHK brand is stocked with dresses, skirts, shorts, skirts, bikinis and  jackets cover ups. MLHK is not limited to one design a client can come their own design and MLHK can make it. Their best seller so far has been the Tywan outfit and Coco Chanel top and bottom.

Do not miss this chance to be and part of such unique trendy range of outfits. Deliveries are worldwide and anywhere around Zimbabwe.

 MLHK is full of surprises. There are many designs coming up.MLHK is unique because they are customer focused and always happy to unleash their creativity and visions.

You’ve got to adore KNITS, MHLK gives you what you love. Be what you want to be and wear what you like. For those that have not tried it yet, keep calm and try something new! get in touch with them on:

Instagram: mama_lexy

Facebook: mamalexyhandmadeknits

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Ric Chasers: The Denim Don

          Richmond Mlambo aka Ric Chasers

 In the retail industry creativity and appeal matter, irrespective of which facet one specializes in. I  would be appalled if you told me that you do not love off the cuff apparel. Everyone does simply because it gives you unmatched confidence. Keeping you in style is Chasers wear. Styling you up in denim the unorthodox way. You’ ve got to love the Denim Don! He also takes it to pilot, aviator, strap cargo, cargo suits! and it always a distinguished masterpiece. Diverse Fashionista couldn’t help but get into grips chatting to the Denim Don the man behind the brand Chasers Wear. Enjoy!

1. You are popularly known as the ‘Denim Don’ and your denim jacket has become a must have in everyone’s closet. Why denim?

Ric Chasers: (Ecstatic)  I personally love art and denim is a fabric that could allow me to express my art through painting and ripping..with time I figured out that denim is a fabric that actually never goes out of style, hence why they say “Denims are forever!!!” (laughs).

2. Creative expression can take many forms, what made you decide to start your own fashion brand ?

Ric Chasers: I believe it’s something that has just been in me from a young age,I always used to paint my t-shirts and shorts since primary and with time my friends and schoolmates started asking me to paint their t-shirts and jeans too which then gave the birth of my brand. I was always inspired to start my own thing and make it big! 

 Male zipped denim

3.There is undeniable creativity attributed to your label, not okay in your apparel but also in your advertising campaigns. If you could describe your creative aesthetic in 5 words what would it be?

Ric Chasers: Oh! how interesting. Well i’ld say 






4. Your brand is inspiringly fun, using denim brings classic appeal to your apparel and you mix it up with some accessories. How do you strike an appropriate balance between classic and contemporary?

Ric Chasers:
I believe in diversity and I always wanted to bridge the gap between the two, so I started working on designs that could be worn both as casual and streetwear.  That’s how I came up with the idea and designs of cargo suits which is a product that is diverse as it can be worn at any occasion and any environment be it office wear or streetwear.

 5. Your brand caters for both men and women, what do you think of the unisex trend?

Ric Chasers:
I am a strong believer of diversity and innovation, so I support it and most of my products are actually unisex.I also believe it helps in uniting people !

Corporate Wear

6.Your designs are eye catching and memorable, what is your creative design process and what inspires you personally?

Ric Chasers:
I’m always inspired by the fear of being average so I’m constantly creating pieces that makes my clients unique and outstanding whenever they rock my products but Mostly Kanye West and Virgil Abloh are my greatest inspiration.

Well for my creative design process, that’s actually always my hardest  and most demanding stage. I usually take about 1- 3 months to come up with a design and perfect it.So firstly I draw it on my office white board, make  a demo product then hang it in my bedroom wall right opposite my bed,so it becomes something I see last before I sleep and also first thing I look at when I wake up. (laughs). I’m such a perfectionist!  so the process is always long and at times demands sleepless nights.

 Winter Cargo Suits

 Aviator Suit

 Pastel Summer Collection

 Black pilot overrall

7.How would you describe the fashion industry in Zimbabwe?

Ric Chasers:
It’s slowly progressing as people are now getting to appreciate and wear local brands, though I feel like they is still a lot that needs to be put in place for example they are less than 5 design schools in the country, no national awards for fashion which I believe these are important things that can help empowering other upcoming designers.

Kids Denim Jacket

 Tracksuit Reflective sleeved denim

Denim jackets are always those classic stapels that will always hold a timeless appeal. A fantastic option to have at your disposal for its versatility. It’s a piece that appears in wardrobes almost by default because it suits just about everyone. 

Chasers Wear is far from the usual and there can only be ONE! Wear apparel that sets trends.High style, exceptional taste.
Instagram: chasers_wearric_chasers

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A Brand Pokello Exclusive: The Best or Nothing !

Oh no i didn’t, oh YES I did! Bolt from the blue! Only the best is good enough. As you know Diverse Fashionista blog associates with the finest fashion brands and fashionistas in Zimbabwe. Hats off to whoever coined the word, “SWAGGER!” they definitely had the likes of  people like Pokello Nare the Queen of SWAGGER in mind. Assertive taste CHECK. Sense of Style CHECK. Trendsetter CHECK. Check,Check,Check. It’s safe to label her as a fashion guru in Zimbabwe. She is a sophisticated and ambitious woman who is always pushing boundaries to build an empire. Her brand, ‘Pokello’, has a number of subsidiaries including Pokello Pink Bottoms and Nail Lacquer. Pokello Nare opened her doors to the diverse fashionista, so lets peep into her empire. Join me as i embark on an insightful journey with Pokello into paths that have carved her fashionista attributes and building an empire brand. Enjoy!

 Pokello Nare Business Owner Brand Pokello

1. You have an exceptionally stunning style Pokello, where does your style creative aesthetic come from, and what is your style mantra?

Pokello: (Smiles) My style mantra is like a mixed goodie bag. You get classic and timeless pieces, you get tomboy and casual and then of cause glamour and expensive designers. I’m versatile with my style, it’s relatable but always unforgettable. I love statement pieces, when I dress I want it to look so tasteful that people always refer back to it.

2. For someone who aspires to be a ‘Queen of Swagger’ like you, what would you say are must have in a Fashionista’s wardrobe?

Pokello: In any fashionista’s wardrobe they are 10 must haves:

  •  A white shirt
  •  A little black Dress
  •  A black blazer
  •  Cream formal pants
  •  High waisted Blue Jeans
  •  Nude pointy heels
  •  A black fitted pencil skirt
  •  White pair of trainers
  •  Tan pair of slippers
  •  A Floral Maxi dress

3. As a fashion icon, what would you say is the best way to dress to set yourself out from the crowd when attending a huge event?

Pokello: When dressing for a huge event you want to make a statement. One piece of your clothing must be captivating and if it is an event then I would recommend a hat. Hats are alluring and always draw attention. Personally, my hair is a big factor for me so I prefer not to cover it up. For huge events you can usually find me in a one of a kind dress, because for me a well tailored dress will always turn heads.

4.Can you recall the very first shoe you designed for ‘Pokello Pink Bottoms’? How did you feel when you first saw it being worn in the streets?

Pokello: The first pair of Pink Bottoms shoes that I designed was a classic pointy heel. I had just returned from the reality show Big Brother Africa and I capitalized on the hype that surrounded all the housemates from different countries. I named my first design ‘Housemates’ collection. It encompassed 13 colours, each named after one of the female housemates I had shared the Big Brother Africa experience with. I think I underestimated the reach and impact this would have and it catapulted Pink Bottoms instantly.

  Best seller from the ‘Housemates Collection’ #MotammaMalt

5. ‘Pink Bottoms’ why ‘pink’ in particular?

Pokello: The colour pink was an easy choice for me. During my time in Big Brother Africa, I was a big fashion sensation and everyday one thing always stood out and that was my Pink lipstick. My love for pink lipstick became the decisive factor in the concept creation for Pink Bottoms.


Diverse Fashionista: If you are not popping that pink what are you waiting for?

6. How many collections does Pokello Pink Bottoms have? 

Pokello: To date Pink bottoms has launched 12 designs in the 7 years since we established, namely :

  • Housemates collection 
  • Size Me Up
  • Spell My Name
  • Fringe Benefits 
  • Greener Pastures
  • Barely There
  • Bestfriends 
  • Classic
  • Trophy Wife
  • Camo Boots

                Purple Sunset Collection

                             Camo Boots 


                      Summer Perforated

                         Greener Pastures 

                             Trophy Wife

                    Bestfriends Collection

                           Barely There

                          Spell My Name

7. What is your criteria for a well constructed and designed shoe? 

Pokello: For me a well constructed pair of shoes has the perfect dimensions for our wide, African feet. Most international designers cater only for narrow feet and yet there is a market of African women who love shoes but whose feet can’t last beyond an hour in them, because the toes have no room to sit comfortably. In my designs the toes are my main focus because blisters and bunions should be a thing of the past when it comes to comfort and fit.

8. To help impart some wisdom to an aspiring shoe designer and shoe brand owner, from start to finish, tell us about your shoe design process.

Pokello: The shoe designing process is challenging. The creativity is key because you need to follow the latest trends, then look for the gap within those trends. What is lacking, what would you switch up on a certain design, colour palettes, textures, fabrics. Will you go with suedes or leathers or patents?If it’s leathers, which one. Calf skin, sheep skin or caviar. The footwear industry is vast and constantly evolving. Getting the right manufacturers is fundamental, getting them to understand your vision and the quality you want is even more important. Timelines and deadlines. Quality control requires you to be hands on especially in the inception period.

9.How many shades does Pokello Nail Lacquer have and what makes it different from other Nail polish?

Pokello: (Ecstatic) Pokello Nail Lacquer is definitely the baby I’m most proud of! We have 250 colors. What makes it different from regular nail polish is that it is a Gel polish that is of the highest standard. Once dried under UV light and sealed with it’s top coat it doesn’t chip or peel for 6 weeks. Washing dishes, hand washing clothes or other strenuous house chores will still have it in place. 

                  Pokello  Nail Lacquer

10.Considering your impeccable style and how you have established yourself as a fashion icon. Should we expect a clothing line from you in the near future?

Pokello: The power of the POKELLO brand allows it a foot into any arena we enter into. So much so that we are on an aggressive expansion plan. We have already started designing clothes under our brand as well as collaborations with different designers in Zimbabwe such as Ric Chasers and Haute Couture Guru and Zarguesia. Nothing in the fashion industry is off limits for us.

11. Its safe to call you a retail giant in the Zimbabwe fashion Indusrty, what can shoe lovers expect soon from Pokello Pink Bottoms?

Pokello: As a lover of beautiful footwear, shoe lovers are guaranteed that our brand will continue to grow and produce innovative designs of the highest quality. We haven’t produced a pair of sneakers yet and that’s something that has been in the pipeline which you can expect to see from us. In 2021 we are pushing our creativity up a notch and making designs that leave lasting impressions.

Pokello lives up to the billing of being the best at what she does. Her hardwork has blossomed her to stardom. From the fashion expertise above everything else, the mission statement was simple. Wear something that will make a statement but always remain true to you.

Instagram: queenofswaggerofficialbrand.pokello Twitter:@pokellosexxy

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Brand: RN

Africa is home to a wide variety of fashions made popular in various areas. Today, most people buy clothing with embedded African print because of the unique style the way African print boasts for its rich culture that it represents. In recent trending times people are keen to embrace individuality, and brighter is definitely better, therefore rich contrasting African prints should prove a success. 

All the way from Southern Africa, the land of artful people today we pay attention to Representing Ndebele (RN). They are one of a kind and far from the usual. Their uniqueness has been an opportunity for business. Above all, the brand believes there’s nothing more that makes  Zimbabweans more proud than to get the world to know of it’s culture.

Brand owner Shingirai B. K. Ncube states that his designs are mainly an RN logo with Ndebele patterns and colours creating a variety of designs using the logo. Currently the brand has designs in t-shirts, hoodies and caps. The brand caters for everyone, young or old, male or female you can rock RN because the aim is to spread the Ndebele culture and show its existence to the world.


So far the best sellers have been the RN T-shirts and hoodies. Brand owner Shingirai affirms that customers have been star struck with the pattern and love the different feel. It does not matter where you are, brand RN is ready to serve as they offer delivery services worldwide.


Brand owner of RN Shingirai says, “I really want to see my brand go big.To be one of the top African brands world wide  keeping its originality.RN stands out because as much as it may sound like it’s targeting a certain group of people,it’s actually the other way round. Its unique name and design makes it one of a kind.”

   Founder Brand RN Shingirai B K Ncube

If you like the designs and what it stands for then go for it! What are you waiting for? Feel the authenticity of Ndebele African Print, a very unique wear, whether you want to go casual, or just to add color to your outfit. African print will never go out of style.

The vision isnt over yet. RN is working on diversifying the brand making show stopping designs! I hope you are ready. Are you a fan of RN? Reach out!

WhatsApp: +971524228087

Facebook: Representing Ndebele

Instagram: Representing_Ndebele

Sharp identity, new passion, choose RN

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Brand: Cliq Afrika

​December festive season coming up! A time when most of us want to boost the wardrobe and look good. Diverse Fashionista blog is here with a go to brand for that. We all know that clothes are your beauty ticket and brighten you to the extent you deserve. Welcome to a fashion destination with Cliq Afrika. A brand that sells not just oufits but a trend. Yes! Their clothes are setting trends. This is not just to hype praise them. It is indeed all evident. Fashionable clothes for trendsetters. They are jam packed to get you on with style. Now this is a unique kind of brand because they have a knack of ticking boxes for a variety of products. Cliq Afrika is a one stop shop as they have clothes ranging from body hugging dresses, tops, cargo shorts, pants, to skirts you name it. It’s the kind of shop you enter and leave carrying one or two.

Currently run by Stanley Reza Junior, Cliq Afrika targets the youth both male and female with a fun trendy style. They manufacture most of their clothes and design it all from scratch. This is what makes them by far super creative. You are guaranteed to wear what is far from the usual. Cliq Afrika sets themselves apart as their clothing items are manufactured in superior quality. So far, their best-selling clothing item is the bandage dresses.  

Taking you through some of their few products check it out!

Adorable matching outfits. 

Two can play that game. There’s fun in looking good together. These are a stylish way for couples to say you complete me. A great way to show your affection for one another as couples. Take a look and discover some amazing cute designs with Cliq Afrika. 

Crop top and skirt outfits

An outfit for various occasions be it night out, summer, brunch you name it. A crop tee with a skirt is a must have in your wardrobe and Cliq Afrika has got you covered. You can always play around with different combinations and you definitely have a variety to choose from with Cliq Afrika.

T-shirt dresses 

The simplest of creation. These are the ultimate throw on this summer. Cliq Afrika has designs in both tight and loose, one can choose what they are comfortable with the most. Keep it cool and casual with a t-shirt dress. Its super easy to dress up with one of these with either a pair of cool sneakers or heels depending on the occasion.

Tube dresses

The dress is perfect for those who want to put their gorgeous curves in the spotlight. Tight, form fitting and strapless. This dress is great for all body types as the figure hugging material amplifies your best feature! A boob tube dress is perfect for a hot summer. Look good while feeling relaxed with Cliq Afrika summer dresses.

Now, I guess all this style gives you every reason to get off your seat and rush off to see more of fashion friendly clothes for fashion enthusiasts.

Check them out  on their media pages 

Instagram: CliqAfrika 

Twitter: @CliqAfrika

Want to visit them physically find them at Daventry house corner south avenue and Angwa street office 314 3rd floor in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Cliq Afrika aims to create a globally recognised powerhouse. Trendy and unique styles never run out with CliqAfrika.Boost your style sense, impress them by your outfit. 

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Brand: Blissful Mane

-Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Its your time to shine. A whole new you! The essence of hair should never be underrated. Good hair is more than just a look, it is a feeling. Im sure we’ve all heard about bad hair days, but you never have to worry about that when you have Blissful Mane. Just as the name says it all, providing perfect happiness and great joy for you.
One of the brand owners says, ” we are all about the happiness of our clients therefore, our hair (mane) provides perfect happiness and joy.”

Every business starts so as to bridge a gap. So does Blissful Mane. They started at a time when there was a gap for hair suppliers. They aimed at being the go to for the ladies with hair products that would make them feel beautiful and good about themselves. They are confident to say so far so good.

Currently, Blissful Mane is stocked with a range of brazilian and peruvian hair in either straight, deep wavy as well as bodywavy. The choice is yours,how do you want to stand out? Blissful Mane is available to any lady who wants to express themselves in different ways with the different styles they have in store.

One of the brand owners confidently states that, ” We are very flexible since we are a small business, we customize and give specific attention to our clientele, we offer great customer service.” The brand’s mission is to show their creativity by building a customer oriented brand as they take care of all the hair needs for women across Zimbabwe, providing high quality hair and offering a one stop shop where women can get hair products, services, advice and information.

Blissful Mane is convinient as they are ready to deliver where you are. Their continued vision is to stretch to as many boaders as possible around Africa especially from Zimbabwe neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Zambia among others.

 Give them a ring or WhatsApp on:
+263 779 976 308
+263 785 372 414

Instagram is the best place to visit to see the kind of hair you would see fit for you. Check out Blissful Mane

Blissful Mane is up for SUCCESS and success is when people think hair they think Blissful Mane!
Customers should look forward to a one stop shop where they can get all their hair products and services in one place.

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Your vibe attracts your tribe. Are you part of MiTribe? If not what are you waiting for.Be part of the Mitribe streetwear fashion trend today.A brand that describes it’sself as Afro-Centric with a goal to bridge back at the millennials and appreciating African roots in a modern way. Touching on core values that easily identify with being African. The brand wants you to feel pure African when wearing it.

MiTribe Clothing Line is currently run by Brandon Nyathi (current CFO) and Nathanael Mhlanga (current CEO). A brand can only view its self as having potential to stand out only when it has a best seller. The streets went crazy after MiTribe released its African Woman print design which resonates to many woman who are just not proud to be African but who are also in love with their natural hair.

Anyone wearing a Mitribe piece is said should feel as proud as a guerilla strong and bold in its territory.MiTribe it set to bring out the bold in you.

Every designer has a story to tell for MiTribe it all started with playing dress from the age of 7. From hobby to business. They have set themselves to build  a street empire.Its always so interesting to know what inspires the names of these brands.You can definitely see that MiTribe is 2 words Mi (pronounced my) – calls one to own it, take full responsibility and have the pride to call it your own without any shame, and ‘Tribe’ says it all. 

MiTribe grows because of you. The people who believe what they believe.Most importantly they excel because they do what they love.The overrall ambition for the brand is to be a valuable asset.The love and appreciation for the brand has been overwhelming with an unexpected bloom. Look forward to a wide range of totem designs.

Be part of the tribe! Follow them on: MiTribe

Contact:+263 78 455 9296

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Jimmy brings the swagger

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, you should always wear something that makes you look good, feel good, and most importantly, makes you irresistible to the ladies, (wink wink). A guy might look totally blah most of the time, but how about you just decide to be that kind of guy who walks into a room looking like a supermodel and you even wonder to yourself, What happened? What changed? IS THAT ME! Mens fashion and style is the easiest as compared to the ladies. One need not to even go all out just to look good. The fashionista of the week Jimmy defines his style simple and sexy! We got some tips for you on how to pull that off. Enjoy!

1. Jimmy wakes up in the morning, how do you get ready to dress up for a day out in the city?

Jimmy: I fancy my fitness and body looks, I take a jog and then do push ups a max of 100 before going to the shower. That sets my mood and gets me ready to conquer the day (smiles). I’m the type of guy who chooses his “outfit” the day before, so it’s already in mind or out of the wardrobe and ready to kill . I’m a 20-30+ minute shower guy, wierd I know (laughs) but I even got nicknames such as slow coach, mageza  (one that baths) and Mlava because of that (laughs). I take my time dressing up, one has got to feel the clothes. Have a connection with them and I’m set to go.

2. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
Jimmy: PALSE_SA is my faviorite brand.Im a fan of their Summer and Spring collections, the shorts/shirts have a sassy and comfortably looking feel that ild go for any day. Im also a fan of Ara Kani their diverse designs draw me personally to my African roots. They always use details that leave you at the edge of a seat. I’m an all rounder type of dresser ,I guess that means I fit or look good in casual or formal or anything (laughs).

3.Its summer, how can a gentleman look good with this heat?
Jimmy: Nicely cut and well fitting clothes are the trick. Don’t over or under dress. Trendy summer shirts and shorts are the way to go. You can never go wrong with an all black or all white t-shirt too, not forgetting a clean pair of flip flops. 

I personally think the trick is being as comfortable as possible throughout the heat, and just as a cherry on top A CLEAN HAIRCUT IS A MUST!

 Diverse Fashionista: For the summer have a pair of shorts.Probably the one garment most associated with summer are shorts.When the sun starts scorching, everybody’s quick to grab a pair of shorts.So what you should remember about shorts, and this should be obvious, is that they are casual by nature. N.b There is no formal occasion in which shorts are acceptable.

2. Shirts, of course. You can (and should) also throw some shirts in your summer style mix.Shirts are a stylish step up from plain T-shirts. They’re just classier. I don’t think you always have to wear a shirt, but definitely when you want to make a good impression on someone a shirt is good.
3.Pants-It might seem counter intuitive, but often times pants can keep you cooler than shorts. Pants have the added benefit of keeping your skin shielded from the direct sunlight. With the right kinds of fabrics, you will sweat less and actually be more comfortable wearing pants than shorts.Most of your pants should be in neutral colors, as they’ll go better with your colorful summer tees and shirts.

4.Whats your opinion for guys and wearing skinny jeans. Do you think they are for everyone?

To be honest NO! they’re not for every guy and I think where most guys miss it is what they wear with those skinny jeans , especially the shoes or sneakers.
I will do say though that I personally wasn’t a skinny jeans guy , until I started working out my legs in the gym.Dont underestimate good legs in skinny jeans. Fashion sense is potent to how you’ll rock the jeans.My advice would be though just get a well fitting jean instead.
 Diverse Fashionista: #serious talk Skinny jeans will not look good with very slim and tall men, as they will draw attention to their thin legs. In the same way, they do not fit men with big upper body (too muscular or round), as they will create an exaggerated imbalance in appearance. Now to how they should fit you. PLEASE! If you cannot easily pull your skinny jeans past your calves or thighs, they are too small and you need to go up one size. Your jeans should fit snugly against your skin, but you should still be able to pinch about an inch of slack at the top of you thigh.

5. What kind of an outfit would you advise for a man for a first date with a beautiful Miss?

Jimmy: No brainer (smiles) as a gentleman ild say a suit, nothing like a well tailored man in a well tailored suit. I think a well tailored simple suit.For the more casual guys you could go for chinos or a jean with a shirt and formal jacket and probably sneakers or formal shoes depending on the pants. This look could go with location setting, for example if you’re meeting her at a chilled bar.Otherwise for myself i stan for a full Well Tailored Suit.

7.Whats the best way to set yourself out from the crowd when attending a huge event?

Jimmy: As a guy :

  1.  The cleanliness of your hair and face cut.
  2. The fit of your clothes on your body.
  3. The way that you simply match the apparel you choose from head to toe. Let your belt match your shoes always.
  4. A very great scent, people take this one for granted. Just try imagine a handsome looking Jimmy in a stunning sexy suit, only for you to get closer to him and he’s got body odour from a distance (laughs).

Diverse Fashionista: I hope everyman who reads this writes this down.Smelling good is one of the most important things of one’s personality. If you want to leave a lasting impression that is. People remember you if you look good, but if you also smell great in addition to that, then you have an instant fan-following. Find your perfect scent.Finding the perfect one is hard work, but it’s a job you should put some effort into because it’ll make a world of difference. Take some time to seek out scents that click with your personality. That right whiff will bring serious pleasure to your everyday life.
8.Tuck in the shirt or leave it out?
Jimmy: With formal pants and formal shoes , definitely tuck it in. Make sure its neat. Some guys make the mistake of letting their shirts fly out at their sides or back. An absolute No No! With jeans and sneakers you re free to leave it out.
9. Define your fashion statement.
Jimmy: Simple but very sexy and alluring.

This wraps up it up from Jimmy the fashionista. So remember to step up, look good and most importantly smell good too nothing more attracting than a fine man with a lasting impression.

Keep up with Jimmy’s style on  
Instagram :@thisisjimmym

Facebook: Jimmy T Mhlanga

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Brand: PVO Threads

It’s safe to say PVO Threads is a trendsetter.It is the sort of clothing brand you do not define with one word lest you confine it with limited views. PVO has a knack of ticking multiple boxes, from matching style and class with luxury and comfort. They are unique no matter how one chooses to put it. This is far from exaggeration to heap praise the clothing brand, it’s all evident. You’ll fall in love. A chit chat with one of the brand owners Tendai had me interested to ask…..

Diverse Fashionista: What inspired the name PVO as a trademark for your clothing brand?
Tendai: A couple of years ago I saw a picture of a yatcht on Instagram with the phrase “POSITIVE VIBES ONLY” embedded on it. It instantly resonated with me as I am also a firm believer in always staying positive no matter your circumstances so I shared it on my social media pages and it became like my mantra. PVO started from that picture of the yatcht that i shared on my social media  one of my friends saw it and just encouraged me to think of getting entrepreneurial with it and said to me

 “you know you can start making caps with the phrase Positive Vibes Only on them?” 

That idea hit me like a light bulb and I immediately reached out to my cousin who’s a graphic designer to assist me with a logo design etc and I reached out to some manufacturers to have some samples made then as they say, the rest is history. We are here now.

PVO Threads is a family-owned business with a number of international partners.Now this means  you can find the brand all around the world. They’ll follow you everywhere you go.In the UK you’ll find them, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Dubai you name it! Now that’s a brand open for business and not confined by boundaries.

Anyone who believes in POSITIVITY and is all about POSITIVE VIBES ONLY is a target customer for PVO Threads. The apparel believes that the message should resonate first then the apparel compliments that and is the vessel that carries the message. 

Brand owner Tendai says, “We will always lead with the message POSITIVE VIBES ONLY and that’s what separates us from every other clothing brand that is in existence right now.”

Getting into the nitty gritties of the the designs, PVO Threads is an urban contemporary street wear brand and currently designs range from caps (snapbacks and strapbacks), socks, slides, t-shirts, and flip flops. 

For PVO Threads, creativity does not sleep so  customers can definitely look forward to more designs and more apparel coming. Currently they are looking at expanding the range to include tracksuits, hoodies, hoodie dresses, biker shorts for females and so much more. You’ll definitely have a range to choose from!

Questioned on what has been their best selling design so far as a brand Tendai says,” Our best selller right now has been the distressed strapback, this has been a staple favourite with our customers and its best features are its quality, comfort and versatility to suit many different ages.” The brand is however confident that all their other designs are still best sellers as they have all sold out! 

Want to keep up with these fine touch apparel visit their site to purchase products. 

Check out their social media pages: @pvothreads, @pvothreads_aus for all Australian purchases, @pvothreads_usa for all purchases in the US 

In Zimbabwe purchase number is:

+263 778 084 115 – (call or whatsapp).

Feel free to get in touch with founder Tendai on Instagram @claybirds_

For clothing that’s exclusive as you are,  that’s PVO Threads  for you!

Try it,wear it, love it!

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Diverse Fashionista blog is yet again here with a bag! Striving to give you nothing but the best.As you know I associate with the finest clothing brands to keep you in style. Bringing you Brand CapAwes.They stand out as not so usual. CapAwes is the brand with a difference, with so much creativity it is safe to name them high fashion design.

The clothing line run by the young Albert Muzuwa from Zimbabwe affirms that CapAwes is a true definition of when sophistication meets style. So star struck about the name i couldn’t help but ask what inspired the name ‘CapAwes‘ as a trademark for the clothing brand. Albert says, “CapAwes is named after my nick name ‘Captain Awsome‘, so i just took half and half and created a name, decided to be creative and unique,” (laughs). Now, the creativity and uniqueness not only lives in the name of the brand alone, they encompass this even in their brand designs as well. 

Every brand has a story to tell. Capawes dates back to 2018 when brand owner Albert was in high school where he used to print his own designs. He caught the attention of multiple students who admired his creativity. Having realized his talents he continued to push  towards his vision and to date he works alongside with his brother Admore Mkwanda creating more stunning designs for the brand. When founder Albert looks back with hindsight, he still reflects and admits that indeed “Capawes started all out by grace,” saying this so proud of how much the brand continues to grow till date.

The brand is mainly targetted for the youth and has become popularly known by most Zimbabwean university students creating that “if you not rocking CapAwes what are you waiting for?”. Best believe, anyone seen rocking this label sets themselves apart by being extra stylish and unique. Capawes ticks so many boxes for the fashionistas. Whatever you looking for they have you covered.Designs made range from cargo wear, bikers, tube dresses, baseball jackets, tshirts dresses the list is endless, best you visit their social media pages after this blog article!

With summer coming up customers should set themselves to look forward to their new CapaAwes summer wear collection. Now this includes croptops, biker tube dresses, body suits, vests, bumshorts, base ball tees and much more. I guess you do realize that their list is always endless, goodluck on making a choice or how about you grab it all!

So far the brand safely justifies their cargo tracksuits as their best selling design. One that literally had masses talking, at the same time boosting sales for the brand. Now, thats music to the ears for any business owner.

Brand Owner Albert is confident to say CapAwes is simply the BEST. He couldn’t help but mention how proud he is that the popularity of the brand has grown so much to an extent that the clothing line has  featured in multiple music videos, dramas, while also getting some celebrities to dress in the brand. Now i guess this gives you every reason to get off your seat and rush off to see what more amazing designs indeed they have on offer that can get you into style too!

     Capawes brand Owner Albert Muzuwa
Get in touch to see what CapAwes has in store. 




Call and Whatsapp on:

+263 784357023

+263 775951131

Rock CapAwes today! Better when its on you.

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