Amplfy Your Style

I salute assertive taste.It simply means one is confident with their superb touch of style.  Assertive fashionistas know what they want. Its a rare breed, hence commendable. Strikes confidence and turns out as courageous too. When you are that fired up, your style is resilient enough to turn heads. Therefore gents, how about you “amplfy your style”. The fashionista of this week is an effortless gent, who knows exactly how to pull it off. We have alot of tips! Your ll need a note book for this one.  Enjoy!

1.There’s this perception that men don’t need to be fashion-conscious and have a basic style that they are born with and should stick with. Do you agree ?

Mayo:I saw this quote that stuck with me it read: 

“style… because your personality isn’t the first thing people see”

So, as men we do need to be fashion conscious because not only do we look good but get to show of our personalities  and control the narrative about ourselves and characters.

2.How would you define your personal style?
Mayo: Best way to put it would be “Morden classic”. I like putting together vintage pieces in a modern comfortable manner which makes me look like a quote on quote “gentleman” not my words (laughs). Mostly coats, leather jackets and loafers/formal shoes, sometimes with boots which are my personal favorite. Accompanied by shirts and fedoras/beanies with mostly formal pants.

3.What are some clothing staples that every gent should have in their closet?

Mayo: I personally have a lot but I’ll stick with the essentials. 

  •  Plain T-shirts (always easy to style)
  • Jackets/coats (layered with plain T-shirts are always a fashion statement)
  • Slim fit jeans/trousers 
  •  A good loafer/boots 
  • A hat of personal preference 
  •  Last but most importantly accessories like a watch/ring/glasses are always a must.

Diverse Fashionista Tip: Lets talk more about the plain Tee.It’s difficult to imagine that a garment as basic as a plain T-shirt is some thing nice to add to complement your style, however it is. Plain tees are menswear essentials in every sense of the term. This humble base layer has long enjoyed a reign as one of the universal staples of every man’s wardrobe. Yet despite its popularity, surveys show it can still prove exceedingly difficult to find a good one but do hunt it down gentlemen.

Search for the perfect plain T-shirt to complement your style. (works for the ladies too.) It may be an eternal struggle that has, at one point or another, plagued most of you. The reason being; while a plain T-shirt may seem like a simple thing to get right, there’s actually a lot that can go wrong. Poor fit, shrinkage, subpar stitching and cheap fabric being some of the most common issues.It’s all too easy to settle for less and let your style fall flat, but the perfect tee is out there! Now moving on….

4.Its a first date with Miss Fine, what you wearing?

Mayo:Dates are always tricky but depending on the type of Miss Fine you’re into I’d suggest you study her style and time of day she wants to go out. Personally I’d advise stick to the basics but make it classy. A nicely tailored 2 piece suit with a tieless shirt and dress shoes is a confidence booster so that’s a go to but if your lady is the sneakers and jeans type try not to go overboard. Jean and sneaker up,  but throw on a shirt or coat just to show some finesse. 

Diverse Fashionista Tip: #serious talk, most ladies make a snap judgment of someone at first glance on a first date. This means that before you’ve even opened your mouth, she’s already sized you up. So it’s in your best interest to use the only tool you got in that brief. Dress the way you want to be addressed.

5.Whats that one fashion trend that you don’t understand or unable to relate to?

Mayo: I don’t think there’s a fashion trend I’m unable to relate to because with my style I try to be timeless but mordern which means l can transcend into any fashion era. Although I will never wear all Gucci and be street wise or be very classic I do incorporate a hint of everything to my style.

6. From your perception, what are some of the basic and often repeated mistakes that men make when putting together a look?
Mayo:Men used to not care about style and how they put together outfits but I know these days a lot of men put effort so here are the mistakes to look out for:

  • Avoid Colour blocking, simple plain colours are always the best
  • Baggy jeans. If it’s your style yes but body fitting style is what I’d advise 
  • Shoe choice for specific occasions 
  • Avoid too much print on clothing/wearing labels head to toe.

Diverse Fashionista Tip: lets look at the last one there, overdoing the WEARING LABELS HEAD TO TOE !…(esp the more loud designs like Gucci, Versace etc) .. We dont want you looking like a  status hungry fellow (laughs), keep it clean. Wear the label without the label wearing you.
7. Whats that one piece of clothing in your wardrobe you just can’t do without?
Mayo: I can’t do without a lot of pieces but if l were to choose I’d say my watch. It’s the one piece I’d say l wear in almost all my outfits

Diverse Fashionista: Agreebly, the most common accessory with most men is a watch.They may be others accessories such as chains, bracelets, hats etc, but often a watch is this one accessory appropriate for all settings and occassions. A WATCH IS A MUST, GENTLEMEN. Heres an Interesting fact, the only way for a man to separate themselves from another men is through the uniqueness of their watch. Men may wear similar watches so how about you try and get one that eloquently reflects you.

8.Mayo wakes up in the morning to get ready for are day out. Minimalism or Maximalism? 
Mayo: Minimalism. It’s easy to get lost in trying to find an outfit….. but if you have few pieces that go well together especially the black, white, grey and natural tone colours, it’s easy.

Diverse Fashionista: This is an interesting one! Individual choices.Readers,  i know you might be sitting on a fence for now but after the blog article im sure you ‘ ll have an answer. Minimalism or Maximalisim? Lets hear on the comment section.

9.Shopping on a student budget. Any tips? 
Mayo: I was told this by a friend of mine “don’t try too hard”. Keep to the good  essentials like plain T-shirts, jeans and sneakers etc. Buy something you know you can style in 5 different ways and get away with it. Withdraw from keeping up with trends because they eventually fade.

10. Theres the saying that goes, ” we learn from the pros” , who are your fashion inspirations?

Mayo: Although there are a few people l can say inspire me l can’t say my fashion inspirations are people but rather I’m inspired by a version of myself that I created in my head. In all things l do I’m inspired by perfection and simplicity  and l believe in doing things one hundred percent or not at all.

Diverse Fashionista: Im sure you agree the fashionista knows exactly what his talking about. He does not learn from the pros, he is a pro. Wrapping it up, ild say it seems as though these days most people like new fashion trends across the world. They love to follow the latest styles that are available to them no matter what they are and whether it suits them or not.  Everyone keeps running to buy what people say to them about fashion and they do not think once if it will suit them in future (laughs). Fashion should be done in a way that matches with a person’s personality. Strive to create your own fashion rather than to replicate others. Be inspired but don’t copy!

Diversity in our fashion style is what i stan for. Do it your way but still look good.

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“Dress for you”

Accepting who you are with joy is a must. Your unicity will naturally show up in a surprising manner. Whether one chooses to go with their personal style or follow the everchanging fashion trends. I would say none of the varients is a choice, it is a given rather. What matters is the personal energy of one’s indivudual style that they choose which then marks everything you wear. With this said, let me introduce you to this weeks fashionista. We titled this one “Dress for you.” Here it goes! 

1. You have an exceptionally unique look Milly, where does you style savvy come from,and where do you get inspiration? 

Milly: Wow! Thank you. I draw my fashion inspiration from our very own African jewels portrayed by the likes of Vongai Mapho, Pokello Nare, and Lisa Mapsie. Where better to draw your fashion inspiration than from our motherland? (Laughs)

Diverse Fashionista: ‘local is lekker’ i guess we do learn a thing or 2 from our very own fine Zim fashionistas. Besides that my dear readers, show some love, follow your favourite local designers and makers, follow their social media, like comment stay connected! Lets build our own fashion hub🇿🇼! Moving on……

2. What must haves do you feel every fashionista should have in their wardrobe?

Milly: Every fashionista should have timeless iconic pieces that are easily repeatable, therefore a pair of Fashion nova/Topshop/Zara high waisted jeans and a little black dress are essential. Those two pieces can get you from lunch with friends to date night with Mr Fine 😉.

Diverse Fashionista Tip: Sometimes you can rearrange…, ‘confuse the enemy’…. funny but true. #Serious Talk- Repeating an outfit has been so stigmatised sometimes. Nothing wrong with that, you just have to do it right without anyone noticing.Tips to making your repeating outfits a little bit less daunting you can re-wear and re-style by making minor tweaks until you stumble across a winning combination, like changing the top, shoes, or wearing your hair differently (believe me) , also rearranging the accessories works, this is really where you get to have fun with your wardrobe. Solid colours are alot more easier to cycle back. And one last tip maximise to reach out on the repeated outfit with different people. Its still “FRESH” to them. 

3. Number one quick go to outfit in your wardrobe when you cant decide on what to wear?

Milly: My number one go to outfit for day and night is a pair of high waisted jeans, a bodysuit or cute tee, and a pair of cute heels. Simplicity justifies that less is more any day.

4. Sneakers or heels?

Milly: Heels without a doubt. I’m short so I’ll do anything to look taller on a first date. Ego and Public desire remain my go to for cheap affordable heels. 

Diverse Fashionista: Sneakers or heels is a tough poll. Sometimes is about knowing the right time to toss a pair of sneakers or when appropriate to rock stilletoes. Would still love to hear which side you fall on readers! Whats your choice! Dont forget to drop a comment at the end of the blog article. 

5. How do you keep your skin so flawless, your beauty products include?

Milly: My current skin care products are black soap and coconut oil. My skin has never been a problem therefore the less the better to avoid breaking out or reacting. 

6.Lets talk abit more about your brand IV Beau, whats in store right now?

Milly: IV BEAU is currently a work in progress, we are strategizing a way forward to reach a worldwide market while maintaining the desire to manufacture our own clothing. Good things take time, and God is helping us ensure we deliver the best available quality products to our target audience. 

7. Where can people get hold of you for orders and purchases?

Milly: Customers are welcome to check out IV BEAU on Instagram and Facebook for orders, the page also contains our email address. 

Follow IV Beau on Instagram IV Beau

8.Besides your brand what are some of your favourite fashion brands?

Milly:Some of my favorite fashion brands include Xariah Fashion Boutique, The Vonn Boutique and Pretty Little Thing. Each brand is unique and variated in its own way while catering to each individual women’s fashion needs. Check them all out you’ll be impressed!

9.Whats your winter wardrobe looking like?

Milly: My winter wardrobe is filled with nudes and browns, I love my nudes because they are so neutral and easy to pair. I also have coats and blazers to keep the cold away, and a hint of colorful maxi dresses for those fun nights out with the girls. Though the pandemic isn’t letting us out just yet, better prepared than sorry. 

9.Lastly, some words for my readers out there who aspire to be a fashionista like you?
Milly: Dress for you, if you feel that you look good then you do. Although simplicity is key, don’t be afraid to play with colors and try out new styles. Social media also has a lot of outfit ideas but always do what works for you and don’t succumb to pressures. Online shopping is also your best friend, you can weigh out your options and also find the best deals. IV BEAU is also your best friend !

Diverse Fashionista Tip: With this said to wrap it up, i leave you with the words “SHOP THOUGHTFULLY” make carefully considered shopping. Regularly ask yourself, why do i love it? Need it? How does it make me stand out with the world and people around me?. 

Diversity in our fashion style is what i stan for.

I remain your favourite Zim fashion blogger

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Brand: Bleksquare 

#fashion #style #zimbabwe

Ever heard of the brand Bleksquare?…believe me when i say Zim is doing the most with the brands.Straight out of the City of Kings Bulawayo Zimbabwe, Bleksquare brings about its own unique touch . A brand  inspired by a lasso clean cut and simple look. At times simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Whoever coined the statement “full package” definitely had the likes of Bleksquare in mind. The label takes it all from t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, skirts, crop tops, sweaters, shorts,caps, beanies. I mean wow! .what else are you looking for? The greatest advantange of being a loyal fanatic of an all in one label like Bleksquare is that you know, its a one stop shop. 

I guess you are wondering what kind of target audience Bleksquare caters for?The label appreciates all age groups, i mean ALL! from the kids, teens to the elderly. Anyone who appreciates style and simplicity, Bleksquare is catered for you. With this said, thinking out the box! Lets say you possibly planning or even plan now actually, a cute family photoshoot, maybe a bestfriends shoot, what about squad goals?  And wondering what to wear? Bleksquare is all you need. Theres something for everyone. Ild like to think especially for those who are into matching outfits. Look no where else. Theres only one label. BLEKSQUARE. 

With the winter coming up the brand is jam-packed with winter designs. This winter you could be rocking Bleksquare long sleeved tshirt dresses, sweaters, hoodies and kimonos. Want to keep in  touch with the brand and see what they have in store, get in touch with any of  the creative mighty 4 Bleksquare designers who arnt done yet with pushing the brand!


+263 774611101

+263 777673336

+263 772451217

+263 783561558

Want to see whats in style for the brand, follow Bleksquare on:



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Ild like to think most people have a ‘degree’ in fashion they managed to achieve by simply taking the first step to rock their own style. Understanding what to put together, how to put it, so as to help you stand out. Do not be afraid, take up yours…”LOOK EXPENSIVE”, and this takes us right to our fashionista’s topic for the week. Here it goes. 

1.Hey lovely Kim, what are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Kim: I must say my all time favourites have been florals and pleats. I love chiffon too simply because of how light the fabric is. Lastly,  handbags!!, those that know me, know that I love handbags.

Diverse Fashionista Tip: I love fashionistas who have a touch of their own style and pull it off like a pro. New tip- floral and pleats combo, it works!

2.Who are your fashion icons?

Kim: Mihlali Ndamase, her style is just everything, she doesn’t try too much but she gets the job done. 

Diverse Fashionista: you heard it people – less is more sometimes, moving on….

Kim: Kefilwe Mabote is also my other fave, she gives off classy vibes, something that I love, I love a clean look. My all time fave would be, Ifeoma Chizea from Nigeria, I’ve always felt like she was my twin in another life (laughs!) we are both Virgo’s and her style and vibe just gives off sophistication and class. 

3.Name your top favourite brands

Kim: Well 1, EuroBlack of course, I love my brand because everything is custom made and tailor made to fit me, I get to pick my fabrics and the designs, which makes it even more fun. 

Then 2,TMO. A Nigerian based brand, also custom and tailor made, giving bohemian vibes. Like I mentioned, I love florals and they have a wide variety to choose from. 

Diverse fashionista: Aha!Tip- Find some inspiration from someone # remember, we learn from the pros…..,


4.Online shopping or malls?

Kim: Online shopping has and will always be my go to, mostly because I love being unique and different and going to the mall would mean everyone has seen it and chances of someone else wearing it are very high. Also, I’m a very lazy shopper, so everytime I go to the mall, I never try on items, I just look, and weigh, if I’ll fit and then purchase, so online is easier in the sense that I actually don’t have to leave my house. I also love the idea of unboxing new packages , I find it’s very therapeutic (laughs), especially during this lockdown, I’ve found solace in opening my packages , from Shein and Wholesale7.

Diverse fashionista: readers…which side do you fall on, online shopping or malls, i’ ld love to hear your views in the comment section, please!!

5. 5 beauty products you cant live without?

Kim: Triple Glycerin by Prochem, I’ve really dry skin , and it’s been my go to, and it kinda sucks because it’s only currently available in Zimbabwe and I’m all the way in South Africa , nonetheless I’ve learnt to do with the Palmers range, the coconut oil, and the body lotion. Obviously Body mists, are a must have, I always go for the top range from Body Shop, I love to smell expensive and they really do the part when I’m going to school, I minimize using perfumes when going to school because I’m still a student and I’m on a student budget so I keep my L’interdit by Givenchy for special occasions. My number one favourite compliment is “you smell good” , I try my best to baptize myself in perfume and my goal is for someone to smell me from a mile away (laughs).

Diverse Fashionista: Tip- smelling good is a must, always!

6. With winter coming up what are some fashion must haves you feel my readers should get to stay stylish.

Kim: You can never go wrong with a fur coat, I personally don’t think I have enough. A tan long coat is a must have and some thigh high boots. However, with lockdown, lounge wear is what’s keeping us warm and stylish, so you’re looking at matching lounge wear, possibly tie and dye, which is definitely in, and you can match it up with your favourite trainers and a cap just because(laughs). My go to outfit this winter has been playsuits, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my Instagram about those, I usually pair them with a crop teddy jacket and some cute trainers. I’ve a collection of some really nice high end sneakers which have kept me looking cute this winter, despite them being pricey, I’d recommend some vans, some all stars and also adidas plain white Superstars as a start. You can still look good on a budget…

Diverse Fashionista Tip:
# Serious talk…The cold weather can get people off their style sometimes, dont let the winter decieve you, by forcing you to wear over size jackets just to keep warm!, multiple scarfs! and beanies that dont match the outfit LOL., all im saying is get your winter preps ready!! and still look good. Winters are my fave actually, probably the easiest season to rock it, you can get yourself the basics: boots, coats, stockings, hoodies and tracksuits and you’re good to go.

7. Favourite fashion qoute you live by?

Kim:  “Look expensive” my ultimate goal is to look like a bag of money, as crazy as that sounds, that’s my number one goal.

 Diverse Fashionista: taken away by the qoute just had to make it the blog title!

8. If you had to describe your personal style in one word what would it be?


9. Where can my readers follow you to get linked with your trendy style?

Kim: My Instagram @99euro Or those that want to shop from my closet @shopping_kims_wadrobe 

Diversity in our fashion style is what i stan for.  Kim the lovely beauty gave her style. How about you share yours too?

I remain your favourite fashion blogger

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Brand: Stars 29

Are you wearing the label? 

‘Distruction Boyz’ in Stars 29 tees

Roy stunner founder of Stars 29 together with Mla grew with the label as early as 2014. Stars 29 went on to be something beautiful for them. It became “THE BRAND” in Bulawayo. The two pushing it together say it is “their thing! their job!” they are still yet to keep doing it bigger and better bringing in as much more creativity. The brand has no specific target market anyone can rock the label. You can be in yours 40s and still want to look like the kids in the streets, Stars 29 is “THE LABEL”. 

Stars 29 hoodie

The BRAND carries a very trendy teenage look from branded tees to hoodies and much much more. Mla says anyone who enjoys a local brand and the culture of street wear, Stars 29 is your brand! The 2 entrepreneurs focus on clothing retail as their business. They do not only sell their own label, their shop also has jeans, tshirts,caps, hats,shoes, and sneakers, you name it! The young gentlemen are out there to get you in style. Around the year 2015 when Gqom music was the hit music, the famous Qqom hit djs from South Africa ‘Distruction Boyz’ had set a show in the city of kings Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Coming to the city the djs wanted to hang around with young people with a ‘vibe’. Roy and Mla found themselves in that circle with hit Djs. Taking the opportunity they introduced their label to  Distruction Boyz, who were very much impressed. Then guess what happened next? The ‘Distruction Boyz’ rocked the Stars 29 label at their concert which they had come for in Bulawayo. A magical moment indeed. Changed their lives! Changed the way people looked at their brand. People had already been buying the brand, but they can safely say ‘Distruction Boyz’ became their extra spot light opportunity. With thousands of fans seeing the label from them on stage. Inspired people to want it more! A catalyst moment. Theres a qoute that says “Opportunities dont just happen, you create them!” Exactly what Stars 29 did. Inspiring….they say looking forward, customers should watch the space. Stars 29 is not done yet! With Mla pushing denim design, and Roy Stunner pushing customizing more on the label they say ” More fashion, more designs”. 

Stars 29 hoodie

Wondering what the label offers do visit their shop at Haddon and Sly Shop 29, 2nd floor in Bulawayo Zimbabwe and for those abit far away, check out the label on their social media on Instagram @stars29_official.

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Street Culture: OTF 

It’s not only about dressing the part and looking the same. The squad has big dreams too.Onetime Family got to share their squad goals story. Teeone who is part of the members said their street culture comes from a brotherly love. They are more than just friends.Having started knowing each other from as little as 4yrs old, going to the same church yet again staying in the same hood, they started their squad goals.They always wanted to look good together, plan everything together to embrace what they stand for. When they started it wasn’t about the name, they all just shared same traits. Years later, Finally!! the Onetime_family name cropped up in 2015 inspired by the South African rapper KO with the hit single Onetime, they all loved it hence the name. Crew leader Dominic, the official founder of the crew introduced them to the street dressing , squad goals culture , they would roll the streets looking stylish and cool as ever to an extent that it became a competition as they had their  greatest competing squad gang called FREAKS , so as to see who had better street culture and squad goals. The OTF Squad recently started a business which is a clothing brand with caps, t-shirts sweaters with the OTF logo. A very teenage and trendy look which they are selling to teens in and around Zimbabwe. The OTF squad currently has 6 members in Bulawayo Zimbabwe while the other member is pushing the brand OTF in South Africa. The squad has some real goals. It’s not only about looking the part but doing great things too. They are also currently working on having water bottles, key holders and phone pouches with the OTF trademark. I must say they are indeed young boys with talent and big dreams.Inspiring squad goals, street culture. If you want to view the OTF Brand and most importantly support it, do follow them  and get yours now! 

Onetime_Family on Instagram

 Onetime moments on Facebook

Story by Teeone

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Street Culture: Whats your squad wearing?

Artist Ross Afrika (far right) and his squad in Airforce 1 squad goals

How do you pull up with your squad? Are you team North Face? Team All-Star?  or team Airforce 1? . The list is endless. Lets first talk about the popular #squad goalstrend. A couple of teenagers said we wear  squad goals because we take pride in our fashion style, we take pride in who we are. Some further went on said we wear squad goals because we want to be felt when we enter a room. By ‘FELT’ this means recognise me, know my name, and appreciate what you are seeing. Street culture is more related to groups of friends with the same style in fashion. This means one thing though! your friends should match you. Definitely, it can only work that way. If we cant relate to the same style how can we potray our street culture, our squad goals. One might also say your kind of friends say a lot about you too. Are you known for your red jinger hair, matching tees and sneakers or they just know you for THE label. Lets talk Versace! When you step in the room do they say “yes! here they are! The Versaces have arrived!” A little motivation. One word.Effort. How about you put that extra effort with the squad for a planned occasion. Show us your street culture, i find it cool, dont you? Once in a while show up extra cool, extravagant extra everything! Take this as a dare, lets start a trend #diversefashionista#street culture#squad goals. The teenagers would say “me and my squaaa” . This should be fun! Take the challenge go for it! I mean why not try something exciting. Stick to your means though remember this is for FUN. Dont go the extra mile. Theres a qoute that says if you can buy it twice you cant afford it. Not a lie. This got me thinking to myself actually how about i try it to! lets start the trend.

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All White fanatics!

Tari in her #ALL WHITE

Gabbie in her #AllWhite

Gorgeous Tendie in #AllWhite

My lovely readers have responded to the all white article…and there were more YAYS!! (yes) than NAYS!!! (No) as the topic made a comparison…Diverse Fashionista is proud of the All White believers who sent pictures showing their SNOWWHITE outfits!… For the non lovers its okay…i understand.  BE YOU, diversity is what makes us unique, so look good too in your own favourite colour. After all we are diverse Fashionistas isnt it?..

Famous all white party:Yay or Nay?

Keep up with more fashion articles with diverse fashionista Feel free to comment. Lets talk fashion with Diverse Fashionista. The all white party has been a trend in and around Zimbabwe lately. The biggest being the famously known ‘Ginimbi All White’ in Harare and the The Victoria Falls Carnival All White party in December. What is it with the colour WHITE! I wonder, while some think it for the elite others would consider it not their thing. I would say the cleanliness of the colour white symbolizes heaven on earth! Paradise! Everything nice. I mean, the sense of feeling at ease by your surrounding with the peace the colour white brings. From the people, the chairs, tables, all white everything. The colour itself can also be abit hard to maintain for an event, imagine having to worry about sitting without possibly making yourself dirty somewhere. What if ‘Jane’ next to you mistakenly spills her red wine on your SNOWWHITE! , are you going to end up leaving the party all red instead. The most exciting part with all these All White Parties is the outfits themselves. I would say alot more easier for the ladies, but hmm the gents on the other hand…..White suit? White jean? White shoes? Good luck my fellow gentlemen. Stunning Zim celebrities have killed with their extravagant outfits do check the #GinimbiAllwhite on Instagram to have a look. A little inspiring i must say, how about you next birthday party is all white? Think about it! BONUS Qouth: if you ve been to an all white party, come on! do share with me you experiences and pictures and i will be happy to post them. #zimfashionblogger #zimbabwe #fashion Please dont leave without leaving a like or a comment! Below
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