Brand: Blissful Mane

-Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Its your time to shine. A whole new you! The essence of hair should never be underrated. Good hair is more than just a look, it is a feeling. Im sure we’ve all heard about bad hair days, but you never have to worry about that when you have Blissful Mane. Just as the name says it all, providing perfect happiness and great joy for you.
One of the brand owners says, ” we are all about the happiness of our clients therefore, our hair (mane) provides perfect happiness and joy.”

Every business starts so as to bridge a gap. So does Blissful Mane. They started at a time when there was a gap for hair suppliers. They aimed at being the go to for the ladies with hair products that would make them feel beautiful and good about themselves. They are confident to say so far so good.

Currently, Blissful Mane is stocked with a range of brazilian and peruvian hair in either straight, deep wavy as well as bodywavy. The choice is yours,how do you want to stand out? Blissful Mane is available to any lady who wants to express themselves in different ways with the different styles they have in store.

One of the brand owners confidently states that, ” We are very flexible since we are a small business, we customize and give specific attention to our clientele, we offer great customer service.” The brand’s mission is to show their creativity by building a customer oriented brand as they take care of all the hair needs for women across Zimbabwe, providing high quality hair and offering a one stop shop where women can get hair products, services, advice and information.

Blissful Mane is convinient as they are ready to deliver where you are. Their continued vision is to stretch to as many boaders as possible around Africa especially from Zimbabwe neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Zambia among others.

 Give them a ring or WhatsApp on:
+263 779 976 308
+263 785 372 414

Instagram is the best place to visit to see the kind of hair you would see fit for you. Check out Blissful Mane

Blissful Mane is up for SUCCESS and success is when people think hair they think Blissful Mane!
Customers should look forward to a one stop shop where they can get all their hair products and services in one place.

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